Products - Products overview

Kinco has established full line of automation products such as industrial human-machine interfaces, AC servo system, stepper system, VFD, PLC and industrial fieldbus products with proprietary intellectual property rights. Kinco has become a leading supplier of machine automation solutions in China.

1 Human machine interface   
Kinco is a leader of China industrial HMI market. Full line of products,easy-to-use screen edit softeware and impressive cost performance are the unique competitive edge of Kinco HMI.
-MT5000   -MT4000    -Text HMI
2 CD servo
CD series general purpose servo system are designed to be a product of high efficiency , high reliability and use-friendly. CD are used in CNC, coiling machine and SMT machine.
-CD420      -CD430
-CD620      -CD120
JD servo
JD Series Servo Driver supports multiple communication methods — CANopen, RS232, RS485, and features various control signals-P/D, CW/CCW, and AB phase. It also supports incremental and absolute encoders with SSI, BISS, and ENDAT protocols. Moreover, enhanced safety with Safe Torque Off (STO) makes Kinco system more secure and humanized further. 
JD product catalog download
4 Stepper system
Kinco owns full line of stepper products. Kinco classic series stepper has a long reputation of reliable quality and good cost performance; the brand new N series stepper utilize compelte digital technology derived from technology platform imported from Germany. N series is widely used in electronic manufacturing. laser device, engraving, packaging and medical device industries.
-N series high performance full-digital stepper driver
-Classic series stepper driver
-Stepper motor
Kinco VFD integrates the characteristics of compact design, easy operation, and effective cost, including MV100 Series, EV100 Series, FV100 Series and SV100 Series. The functions such as unique over current, stall and torque protection make Kinco VFD work smoothly and safely.
VFD product catalog download
6 Programmable Logic Controller
Kinco PLCs win low-end and middle-end customers’ approval with its outstanding cost performance and concise practical functions.
-K3 series
7 Field bus products
Many of Kinco’s products are capable of field bus communication, including HMI, servo drivers, I/O modules incorporating Ethernet/CANope /Profibus-DP connectivity.
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