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Kinco updates its compact PLC product line with the K5 series
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Kinco updates its compact PLC product line with the K5 series this week. Comparing with the current K3 series, K5 is equipped with more powerful processor, pulse output channel with higher frequency, more choices of communication ports and other improvements. Those improvements make K5 a better compact PLC product for the OEMs.
Highlights of K5:
- Higher speed
Thanks to the up-to-date hardware platform, K5 can execute the program faster than previous product. Single instruction execution time is 0.2 us, floating-point instruction execution time is 0.8 us.
- More options for communication
2 to 3 serial ports are available in every K5 CPU. Support Modbus RTU master/slave and user-defined free protocol. Besides, K5 supports CANopen communication and user-defined CAN protocol with the built-in CAN field bus interface. The CAN connectivity makes K5 a good choice for advanced machine built on CAN network.
- Dual pulse output channels with 200KHz capacity
The K5 is equipped with 2 pulse output channels support high frequency output up to 200KHz. OEMs can use the high frequency outputs to get better results in position control and motion control applications.
- Strong encryption
Kinco K5 PLC supports 14 bytes complicated encryption, full bytes of the program inside the PLC is encrypted, and is stored in ciphertext form. Users need to type the right passwords within limited times, “Upload Disable” protects the programme effectively.
- Convenient design
With removable terminals, users can replace the modules easier, and in the mean time reduce the chance of wiring error.
More details at K5 PLC.
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