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Upgrades of Kinco classical HMI products - MT4404T & MT4424TE
2013/8/20 15:28:32   Source:   Hits:
MT4404T & MT4424TE are two classical 7” HMI products of Kinco, belong to HMI MT4000 series. The two upgraded HMI products can serve the OEMs better, but at the same price.
Highlights of the Upgrades
-       Better CPU, higher efficiency
624MHz processor of MT4424TE upgraded to 800MHz.
-       Larger Memory, more convenient for data storage
Memory of both HMI upgraded to 128M FLASH + 64M SDRAM.
-       Isolation Design, working more stable
Power supply and serial port isolation design for both MT4404T and MT4424TE, making it work more stable in anti-interference.
-       Use Kinco HMI software HMIware V2.1 or higher version to compile the program
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8 Aug. 2013