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Kinco releases Russian version of Kinco HMI software as HMIware V2.1
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New Kinco HMI software – HMIware V2.1 released these days, featured in Russian version and some improved functions. Users can download it free at Software Download Centre.

Kinco HMI software HMIware V2.1

Highlights of Kinco HMIware V2.1

-       Reservation function
Users can reserve a time to run routine programmes through HMIware V2.1. It helps improve the productivity effectively.
-       KHMonitor
Run KHMonitor in a PC to monitor HMI and PLC’s real time data remotely.
-       Powerful data statistics report
Kinco HMIware V2.1 supports sampling different parameters from the large database as you need.
-       Enhanced historical data inquiry function
Users can input a period of time to check the tendency chart of that time.
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Download the Kinco HMIware V2.1 free Right Now!
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8 Aug. 2013