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Kinco HMIware updated with VNC function
2014/4/11 15:58:00   Source:   Hits:


Remote access and control via VNC function has been integrated into the latest version of Kinco HMIware. With the VNC function, users can access and control their desktop applications wherever they are in the world.
VNC on Kinco HMIware
VNC system is composed of client-side, server-side and protocol.
The server side shares screen with client-side, while the client-side interacts with server side by monitoring and controlling server-side.
VNC is OS independent. Users can use the VNC system to control HMI remotely via PC, mobile and so on.
To use VNC function you need to have:
-  The updated Kinco HMIware. Click HERE to download the latest version
-  VNC Viewer.
    Kinco does not provide VNC software, please download it from the internet.

For PC ( Click HERE to Download

For Android (Google Play): Click HERE to Download

-  Kinco HMI with Ethernet port which support VNC function
How to do VNC?
If you have a problem to deal with the VNC function on Kinco HMIware, please Click HERE to download a operation instruction.