Kinco HMI used in weighing machine

MT5320T-YMT(Customized) used in Alpha series ADW-310ACC 100pcs/month

Kinco HMI and CD Servo Used in Corrugated slitting machine

Stepper motor with encoder: 85S-0045-05AAK-FLFN (customized)
servo driver: CD421
HMI: MT4403T
CANopen solution

Operator Terminal for Construction Vehicle

With the invaluable know-how of market leaders, Kinco KG/KW series operator terminals withstand harsh environment, serve construction machines all over China.


Printing Machine

Rotary screen printing machine is a main printing equipment in spinning printing and dyeing industry.According to type of drive,it falls into two types,mechanical entire drive rotary screen printing machine and separate drive rotary screen printing machine.This application is used in separate drive rotary screen printing machine...

Medicine Filling Machine

Medicine filling machine is used to fill the medicine in the bottles for oral liquid. We use Kinco ED series servo and HMI in this application to achieve high accuracy filling.